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Astronuts for Startups helps you go to ship faster, with quality control. For startups, velocity is due or die and we ́re here to help you get from idea to IPO alot faster. Eligible startups receive 20 seats of Astronuts Business license free for 12 months.

Full access to Insights dashboard, engineering core metrics and our ai Co-pilot for actionable insights and decision making

Full access to code quality, security and Intelledocs. Improving your team´s DevEx and onboarding.

Full access to Astrocoins, our gamification platform, a tool to help motivate and retain your engineering team.

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Build your startup on the world’s most advanced software engineering management platform. Apply now to Astronuts for Startups to get free access to Astronuts Enterprise and the support you need to measure, scale, and ship secure software on Astronuts.

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You must be an early-stage startup that has received outside funding (up to Series A).

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