Meet Neil, your engineering Co-pilot, powered by AI.

We understand the challenges that software engineering teams face when it comes to shipping high-quality code efficiently. That's why we've developed a state-of-the-art platform, to help teams like yours ship fewer bugs and increase engineering velocity

Common problems teams face:

Inaccurate Effort Estimation for Requested Features:

Teams frequently struggle to accurately estimate the effort required for a requested feature, leading to delays and uncertainty in project planning.

Uneven Expertise in Effort Determination:

Not all team members possess the same level of knowledge or experience to accurately gauge the effort needed for a particular task, resulting in inconsistent estimations and potential misalignments.

Lack of System Knowledge Accessibility:

Developers with insufficient knowledge of the system struggle to access the right information and references, resulting in wasted time and effort as they navigate through various channels to gather the necessary resources for a task.

Lengthy Initial Impact Analysis:

Teams often encounter delays in conducting the initial impact analysis for a feature, which hampers the timely progression of projects and impedes effective decision-making.

Overlooking Critical Considerations for Features:

Developers sometimes overlook important aspects that require attention when working on a specific feature, leading to incomplete or suboptimal results that may require additional efforts to rectify.

Solution: Faster pull requests, lower cycle times dramatically!

Developers armed with the head start provided by Astronuts IntelliBot will be coding features faster.

AI driven assistance will warn developers of potential buggy code to avoid rejection.

Developers will have the right references to existing docs and code which will help them to code the requirements faster.

Thus, pull requests will be merged by the team faster and will bring down cycle time dramatically.

Want to speed up your engineering team's velocity and quality?