Motivate your engineering team with gamified rewards

With Astrocoins, you can set up a gamification program where your engineers can accumulate coins as a reward for the hard work they contributed.

Full access to Insights dashboard, engineering core metrics and our ai Co-pilot for actionable insights and decision making

Full access to code quality, security and Intelledocs. Improving your team´s DevEx and onboarding.

Full access to Astrocoins, our gamification platform, a tool to help motivate and retain your engineering team.

Issue digital rewards via slack 

Give a congratulations, a kudos along with a digital gift card directly via your slack channels by adding the Astronuts Slack app as a plugin.


Your team is the backbone of your organisation. Recognise every effort and reward them instantly to nurture a culture of gratitude


Whether it is for an effort taken or for a significant breakthrough on a product or speed in completion of a task, make sure nothing goes unappreciated with Astronuts unique reward mechanism.