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The complete software engineering platform to measure, scale, and deliver high quality code.

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While software is eating the world, engineering teams, which are the most expensive resource center inside tech companies, still remain a blackbox. That is why we started Astronuts.

Our mission is to become the de-facto standard platform for software engineering teams to ship code faster and to run high performing teams.

Meet the Founders

Meet the dynamic duo behind our innovative company: Michel Francis and Arun Patra. With a shared passion for technology and a vision to revolutionize the industry, they embarked on a remarkable journey to bring their ideas to life. Arun's expertise in software engineering and Michel's business acumen complement each other perfectly, forming the backbone of our cutting-edge solutions.

Michel Francis

Hello, I'm Michel Francis, a three-time founder with one successful exit under my belt. I'm passionate about being a product visionary and a skilled company builder. My joy lies in crafting and developing products, creating sales and distribution opportunities, and engaging in meaningful conversations with customers. Alongside my degree in business and finance, I bring hands-on product management experience, allowing me to effectively collaborate with engineers to bring innovative ideas to life. I thrive on the dynamic journey of building companies and products that make a positive impact.

Arun Patra

With over two decades of experience in software engineering, Arun brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as Chief Technology Officer at Astronuts. His career is marked by a deep understanding of technology and a commitment to innovation, having built large, web-scale platforms and systems that set industry benchmarks. At the heart of Arun's approach is a blend of technical prowess and business acumen. He has a proven track record in enterprise system design and leading large engineering teams, which has been instrumental in driving technological vision and strategy. Arun is passionate about hiring and nurturing top talent, and creating an environment where innovation and creativity can flourish. His leadership style is defined by a balance of strong direction and humble collaboration, fostering a culture of excellence and forward-thinking. He believes that true success lies in the impact one has on technology, business, and people.