Taking your engineering teams from good to great

Astronuts provides zero install code quality metrics and an AI toolkit to code faster with pleasure.

Platform Integrations

Connect your entire tech stack


Average 90 day improvements.

Astronuts enables software engineering leaders to measure, improve and communicate action items for engineering teams


Increase in Productivity


Decrease in Cycle Time


Decrease in Technical Debt


Decrease in Defect Rate


Software Engineering Metrics

Astronuts gives you the intel you need to 10x your software engineering teams with code quality, security vulnerabilities, complexity and performance metrics

How fast is your team moving?

How well is your team collaborating?

Are developers overloaded?

How is your Code Quality?

Astronuts Co-Pilot

AI assisted software development

Having data insights, health scores and code quality checks is great, but we think its not enough.

Codebase Search Engine

Intellidocs - Search anything!

Harness the power of AI to search through your codebase and documentation. Ask any query, and let our search engine fetch relevant code snippets and insights in seconds


AstroCoins - Gamification for engineering teams.
We want to help motivate and retain your engineering talent.

With Astrocoins we enable developers to rackup points from their great work as a reward which can be redeemed for any digital giftcard. This can be integrated with a Slack plugin for zero effort.

Slack integrated for real-time comms on pull requests, metrics, code quality, docs, and insights.

Works with Slack for real time communications on pull requests, metrics, code quality, documentation and actionable insights.